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For Law Firms, Employee Benefit Platforms, and Charities

Many people in the UK do not have adequate legal  provisions in place to ensure that their wishes are followed in the event of their inability to look after their own affairs or on their death. Collaborating with UK law firms our Legal Checkups help to make people aware of their legal needs and connect them with experts who provide them. Our service enhances employee benefit programs by making employees and business owners aware of the legal needs.

Law Firms

My Legal Checkup is a quick and easy, ready made interactive diagnostic tool for personal and business legal issues designed to generate new enquiries and enhance website experience. Add My Legal Checkup to your website, email to your clients and use it to promote your firm. Engage with people and start having conversations to generate new business. Become part of our network and receive complimentary qualified call requests for both personal and business legal issues.


My Legal Checkup allows charities to take a soft approach towards encouraging donas to leave a legacy in their Will. We assist your donas in identifying their legal vulnerability and provide legal support via our network of law firms.

Employee benefits

My Legal Checkup is a new and innovative core employee benefit that complements group life ‘death in service’ by addressing the lack of awareness of the consequences if they do not have essential legal provision. Legal instructions is provided by our network of UK solicitors.

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