Welcome to My Legal Checkup

In 3 minutes you will know if you and

your family are vulnerable and at risk.

My Legal Checkup analyses your legal needs and presents solutions in a personal report, bringing you:

Awareness:          of any consequential risk because of a lack of legal provision.

Suitability:          of the legal providers best suited to your needs and budget.

Connectivity:      facilitating connection to the legal providers of your choice.

A traffic light system confirms:

Red              you and your family are at risk – act now!

Amber         you are vulnerable and should consider action

Green          you are OK

The justification

65+% of adults have no legal provision and 50% mistakenly believe in the myth that ‘common law’ wife status exists, having the same rights as a married/civil partnership couples.

It is better to know of risk than be obliviously unaware.

At least you now have a choice: to act or not.

Like insurance, legal provision needs to be in place prior to an event. It’s too late after!

In 3 minutes you will know!