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What is Grant of Probate?

A grant of probate is a legal document that’s usually needed to access bank accounts, sell assets and settle debts after someone has died.

This document is only called a grant of probate if the person left a will. If they didn’t leave a will, a grant of letters of administration is used instead. Both documents work in much the same way, giving a named person legal authority to deal with the estate of the person who died.

When probate has been granted, the next of kin or the executor can start to deal with the deceased person’s assets. If there was a will, this sets out how the assets should be distributed. If the person died without a will the law determines who should receive everything.

                                                                        What are your options

1. Do it yourself

If you are aqppointed as an executor in a Will, you are able to apply for Grant of Probate of the deceased persons estate. However, the reading required to enable the uninitiated to complete the task is substantial. Have look at

2. Use a legal professional

Solicitors can charge thousands of pounds to administer a

deceased persons estate.

3. Use Legalitys’ Citizens Probate Assistance

It starts with a free assessment.