Completing employee wellbeing

Employee benefit providers and platforms

My Legal Checkup is a new core benefit that complements financial education and will enhance your organisations benefit offering.

It is estimated that over 65% of employees between the ages 25-55 have no legal provision. My Legal Checkup will bring awareness at the very least and will empower them to take action, if not now, then at some point in the future.

How it works

Add My Legal Checkup to

your benefits offering

Include it within your insured

benefits section, financial

education sectionor as a

stand alone segment.

Employees engage with

your branded legal checkup

It takes 3 minutes for employees to complete seven questions about their personal situation, watch relevant video content and become informed about the security legal provision provides.

They access their legal

health check report

The report is presented on screen and will provide a full assessment of their preventative legal needs including wills, probate, powers of attorney, co-habitation and more.

Suitability and connectivity

provide a ‘call to action’

The report offers advice regarding

the suitability of various options

and connections are available to

legal providers.

Benefits to the employee


Most people have little idea of the life changing consequences should the unexpected happen. For example, relationship breakdown, loss of mental capacity, disability through accident and sadly death. Completing a checkup brings knowledge of any consequential risk to the employee and their family.


Once an employee is aware of any need for legal provision they need to know the best way forward. Depending on an individuals circumstances there may be various options to consider: self completion online, a legal professional or a solicitor Many people also think that legal matters are complex and expensive and defer taking action, leaving themselves vulnerable. My Legal Checkup enables them to find the most suitable option for them.


Having been made aware and given guidance as to suitability, the next challenge for an employee is who to approach. We have made the job simple by providing direct links to the Law Society’s ‘find a solicitor’, the Society of Will Writers equivalent for legal professionals and a some links to self completion providers.