My Legal Checkup ®

for legal firms

Simple and cost effective with minimal effort.




SRA regulation confines solicitors’ duty of care to client instructions.

Question: should duty of care extend to providing a holistic legal service to identify a clients vulnerability if essential legal provision is not in place?


Answer: My Legal Checkup, our 3 minute questionnaire, achieves this by analysing an individuals circumstances and presenting solutions in a personal report.

Marketing applications

Passive marketing (minimal effort)

Prime: pre-consultation, onboarding.

Additional: website, advertising, emails,

internet promotion.

Proactive marketing (initiating opportunities)

Email marketing, data reservoir, social media advertising, business development, corporate clients, annual review reminders, family referrals.


Invite visitors to take an online legal check-up by emailing or texting a link pre consultation or as part of the onboarding process. This is a logical and reasonable request request at this point and should acheive a good response.A copy of the personal report is emailed to your firm, creating client call back requests and building a reservoir of future business potential.

Free 3 month trial offer: conditional on useing one of the prime applications. (onboarding/appointment confirmation)

Setup: includes own URL, installation support and marketing materials.

Branding: in legal firm livery on conclusion of the trial period – £250.00

Subscription: £150.00 per month per office on conclusion of the trial.

(All fees subject to VAT)