Starting customer conversations

My Legal Checkup is a ready made online questionnaire that enhances client experiance.

How it works

Clients take your branded online legal checkup

It will only take 3 minutes for your website visitor to complete seven questions about their personal circumstances, watch relevant video content and become informed about legal services.

They access their Legal Healthchecker report

The report will be presented on screen and will provide a full assessment of their preventative legal needs including wills, probate, powers of attorney, co-habitation and more.

You receive a copy of their report for your reference

If they wish to have a copy sent to them, or they request a callback, they will need to provide contact details. As soon as they complete their details, the report will also be emailed to you to keep for further contact.

Contact your visitor – turn them into a customer

If they would like to speak to someone or get specific advice they can choose to request a callback, or you can contact them directly via email.

How to use it

Pre Consultation

Text or email a link to the Checkup as part of your onboarding process and on appointment confirmation emails/texts. Alternatively, while a client waits in reception you can offer them a Checkup as a pre consultation registration on a tablet. 

On Your Website

A free Legal Checkup offered to all website visitors. Helping them assess their legal needs and offering solutions.

Post Consultation

Hand your client a take home flyer post consultation with a link to the website checkup to help them clarify their legal needs.


Generates additional fee income

The client contacts you to discuss the results of the checkup and request services. You advise on the best course of action.

Builds future fee income

You add their email and contact details alongside the information about products they were interested in to your database. You can contact them now or in the future when work may be scarce.

Enhances client experience

This valuable service brings awareness of legal needs, adds value to your visitors experience and demonstrates your commitment to client care.

What’s included

Compliance and security

Compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Client data and ownership secure

Marketing support

Online banners

Promotional data and statistics

Optional digital marketing package

Customisation Options

Own branding

Tailored text

Optional own videos