Safeguarding the future of your clients

Make them aware with My Legal Checkup 

How it works for your client

Clients take your branded online legal checkup

It will only take 3 minutes for your website visitor to complete seven questions about their personal circumstances, watch relevant video content and become informed about legal services.

They access their Legal Checkup report

The report will be presented on screen and will provide a full assessment of their preventative legal needs including wills, probate, powers of attorney, co-habitation and more.

You receive a copy of their report for your reference

Their report is emailed to them with a copy forwarded to you with permission to be contacted about their report.

Contact your visitor – turn them into a customer

If they would like to speak to someone or get specific advice they can choose to request a callback, or you can contact them directly by email, text or phone.

How to use it


At the point of onboarding a new client, regardless of the nature of the work, it is a perfectly natural request to ask the client to complete a checkup and should achieve a very high percentage of completions. 

Sample Checkup request

Appointment confirmation

When  confirming an appointment, simply add a checkup request. For example: ‘This is to confirm your appointment with Mr Harrisat 11.30am on Tuesday 5th October  at our Reading office. Please click to take our 3-minute legal checkup which will help us assess your legal needs as part of our client duty of care’


Raising awareness

The Solicitors Regulatory Authority estimates that 30% of adults have unmet legal needs and for those aged between 25 and 55 this is much higher. My Legal Checkup addresses this lack of awareness in the private client arena and invites you to offer solutions.

Evidencing holistic ‘Duty of Care’

By using My Legal Checkup you are going beyond the minimum requirements set by the SRA code of conduct (3.1 & 3.4) to ensure a more comprehensive ‘duty of care’ towards the well-being of your clients.

 Pay for itself

If consistently used in one, or better still both of the above methods, the additional income generated will far exceed the cost and the resulting increased professionalism will enhance the reputation and stature of your organisation. 

What’s included

Compliance and security

Compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Client data and ownership secure

Trial period

A trial period of 3 months is free of charge with no obligation to continue thereafter.

Customisation Options

Own branding customisation is available on completion of the trial period.