It is better to be aware of risk than be oblivious and remain vulnerable.

There is a huge national need for legal provision.

Almost half of adults still mistakenly believe common law marriage exists with the same legal rights as married couples and those in a civil partnership. This is a myth. 

Approximately sixty five percent of the population have no legal provision leaving themselves and their families unknowingly vulnerable and at risk.

Three life changing events that, depending on personal circumstances, could have severe consequences without legal provision in place.

1. Death

Dying Intestate (without a Will) may leave the bereaved with nothing. At the very least, the estate will not be distributed as the deceased would have wished.


In 2019 there were 53,356 deaths of people

between the ages of 20 and 60.


34,682 of these did not have a Will

2. Relationships

.Living together without a Cohabitation Agreement can lead to loss of possessions and   even the roof over your head should the relationship break down.


Marriage without a Pre-nuptial agreement can lead disproportionate distribution of assets.


There were 113,505 divorces in 2022

50% of the population in the UK are married or in a civil partnership.

22% live together and few have a Cohabitation agreement

3. Loss of capacity

Without Lasting Powers of Attorney, loss of capacity, either physical or mental, can leave a spouse or partner and family unable to make decisions. Loss of mental capacity can be particularly difficult as a person has to have mental capacity in order to make Lasting Powers of Attorney.


123 people killed in work related accidents

565 people sustained an injury at work

209,600 people are diagnosed with dementia each year

Due to unawareness, many adults unknowingly have their

heads in the sand, which is a hazardous position.


My Legal Checkup will rectify this.