Citizens Probate Assistance

Initial Assessment

On initial contact, one of our expert advisers will conduct a telephone interview to offer guidance on the suitability of the options available.


If the estate is complicated we would recommend that you use a solicitor. For straight forward, simple estates, you might want to have a go yourself, or it may be that you don’t feel confidant enough to go it alone and would like us to assist you.

How it works

Our Citizens Probate Assistance  is designed to help and guide you through a

citizens application, leaving you to gather all the information needed to value

the deceased estate and then completing the paperwork for you to sign.

For a free assessment call: 07716 814 874

What you need to do

  • Obtain 3 written valuations of any property owned by the deceased
  • Obtain written closing balances of any bank/building society accounts
  • Obtain written closing balances of any investments shares
  • Obtain details of any life insurance payouts
  • Obtain details of any ongoing pension benefits

What we will do

  • Advise on obtaining all the information you need to acquire
  • Complete IHT forms if required
  • Advise on paying any IHT due
  • Complete the probate application paperwork
  • Complete any land registry documents for transfer of property
  • Forward all completed documentation to you for signature


First death of a married or civil partnership couple:

£850.00 inc.vat plus the probate application fee of £300

Second death of a couple or death of an unmarried person:

£1,250.00 inc.vat plus the probate application fee of £300