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If you haven’t already, perhaps you would take a look at our new employee benefit


‘My Legal Checkup’

The problem?

Millions of adults are unaware that they and their families could be legally vulnerable.

Most people have little idea of the life changing consequences if the unexpected happens. For example; relationship breakdown, loss of mental capacity, disability through accident or injury and sadly death.

It is estimated that 65% of employees aged 25 to 55 have no legal provision.

The unaware could be vulnerable and find it costly

They need to know what they don’t know

The solution?

My Legal Checkup is a 3 minute questionnaire which analyses

affairs and presents solutions in a personal report, bringing


Awareness:       possible consequential risk to you and family

Suitability:         understanding and options for needs and budget

Connectivity:    facilitating connection to legal providers

My Legal Checkup is a new core employee benefit that enhances employee wellbeing