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Many people are unaware that they could be legally vulnerable. For example, a YouGov report into Wills and Probate, published in 2020, found that 41% of all adults have no Will. Below age forty five, 53% haven’t got round to it and only 11% acknowledge that they should. 68% think they are too young but, ironically, they have life insurance or their employer provides group life cover. When does life insurance pay out?

At the same time as you need a Will.

Professional legal fees are an issue as 52% would consider making a Will if the cost could be kept down. Most people believe legal provision is complex and expensive – this need not be so.

My Legal Checkup provides three factors:

Awareness – possible consequential risk to you and your family

Suitability Рunderstanding and options for needs and budget 

Connectivity Рfacilitating connections with legal providers 

My Legal Checkup is suitable for charities, membership groups,

affinity groups, societies and associations.