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Providing an informed choice by raising awareness through legal firms, companies and consumers

Our Mission

Helping people journey from vulnerability to security with legal lifetime planning.

What is it?

My Legal Checkup is an online diagnostic tool which analyses an individuals circumstances and presents legal solutions in a personal report. Suitable for employee benefit strategies, law firms, financial firms, charities and other sectors.


Millions of adults are unaware that they and their families could be vulnerable due to a lack of legal provision. Most people have little idea of the life changing consequences

if the unexpected happens.

Our vision is to bring awareness of the need to as many

people as possible.

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The UK legal sector has traditionally been seen as a service provider focused on delivering solutions to specific problems. However, perhaps it is time for solicitors to adopt an approach that is not just responsive but proactive, not just transactional but holistic, not just financially driven but socially inclusive. Should the legal sector  extend its services to raise adult awareness about the importance of legal provision and the consequences of its absence?


My Legal Checkup is available for intigration to onboarding system providers. This will enhance the clients experience, evidence a  more holistic approach to the law firms ‘duty of care’ and will pay for itself through increased fee income.

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Forming partnerships with legal marketing firms and system providers

to bring the benefits of My Legal Checkup to as many as possible.


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My Legal Checkup is a new and innovative core employee benefit that enhances a firms’ social responsibility and complements group life ‘death in service’. It addresses any lack of awareness of the consequences of not having essential legal provision in place and empowers an employee to take action.       

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The FCA encourages financial service companies to promote customer need for legal provision. My Legal Checkup is designed to do this by bringing awareness of consequential loss, suitability, connectivity with legal providers and helping to demonstrate a company’s commitment to the FCA’s initiative. This provides customers with an added value service on completion of purchasing a product or service. 

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Our markets include Membership Groups, Societies and Associations. 

Our purpose is to bring awareness of potential vulnerability

by making My Legal Checkup available to as many people

as possible.

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Forming partnerships with intermediaries to make

as many people as possible legally aware.

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